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14 April 2008 @ 01:08 pm
Omgsh, Confessions XXV  

Confession for yesterday - since I was too tired to post one yesterday:

I confess that I love Jeff Dunham, the ventilicast (sp?), especially Peanut - no matter how inappropiate some of it is. If you haven't watched them, you should! 

Peanut: "The traffic here sucked!"

Jeff: "Yes, it did."

Peanut: "Thank God we had the traffic report!"

Jeff: "What good did that do us, Peanut?" 

Peanut: "None what so freakin' EVER! They should put me on the traffic reports - I'd save everyone a lot of time an money." [in mock voice] "Hey, Peanut, what's it like down there?" [himself] "It's EIGHT o'CLOCK in the morning. Everyone left there house at the same dang time. BACK TO YOU! Call me back at 5:30, I'll tell you the same thing. Only guess what? THEY'RE GOING THE OTHER WAY!"


I really should stop watching them, though. They're tempting me to use very colorful language. *ducktapes mouth shut*

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